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Statue of Liberty

Book a faith filled journey to learn more about our great country.

We do the planning for you!

 Discover America's Story and Find Your Place in History

At Respite from Reality, we believe immersing yourself in the living history of America is a journey that can inspire your family, strengthen your faith, and clarify your purpose.

Our customized Faith and Freedom tours allow you to walk in the footsteps of the pioneers, founders and everyday Americans who shaped this nation. As you explore pivotal sites, expert guides will share little-known insights that illuminate how the values and sacrifices of past generations can inform our lives today.

Give your family the gift of a shared experience that transcends the screen. Bond with loved ones as you gain perspective on the blessings of liberty and the power of belief. Return home with renewed hope, direction and connection.

At this unique moment in history, reconnecting with our roots reawakens our role as stewards of the future. Let the lessons of the past guide you on the path ahead. Discover your place in the American story.


We do the work....


Immerse yourself in living history without any of the logistical legwork. Our team handles every detail, allowing you to relax and fully experience how the sacrifices of past patriots and people of faith can inspire your family's journey.


Faith and Freedom Tours



Monument to Our

Forefathers Tour

Boston to Plymouth




Boston to New Port,RI

Yankee Seaports.png



Boston to New York City


The Great

United States

Seattle to Boston


American Revolution

Washington, DC


In Freedom's


Philadelphia to Washington, DC

Civil War Battlefields-2.png

Civil War


New Orleans to Gettysburg

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