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Yankee Seaports

On this scenic journey, visit the best seaport towns of the Northeast in the comfort of our brand new Cat Class of catamaran-inspired small ships. Discover the historic neighborhoods of Boston which tell the story of the American Revolution.

Visit Plymouth, MA, a picturesque coastal town and the site of the first Pilgrim settlement. Immerse yourself in the fascinating maritime history of New London, Mystic, and Essex, CT.  Led by a local guide, explore the quaint streets and variety of art galleries in Sag Harbor, NY, before traveling to Port Jefferson, NY to admire magnificent historic homes once belonging to sailors and shipbuilders. 

Experience an evening cruise around New York Harbor, during which you can admire the beautiful sparkling New York City skyline from the observation area at the bow of the ship.

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at $5030


Brand New in

Boston, Plymouth, New Port, New London, Mystic, Old Saybrook, Sag Harbor, Port Jefferson, New York

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