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American Revolution Cruise

Travel back to the dawn of America, on our enriching 11-day American Revolution cruise, round-trip from Washington, DC. Explore the quaint towns and historic cities that have shaped our nation, including Colonial Williamsburg, a living history museum with period-specific tradespeople, shopkeepers, and political figures.

Step onto the last battlefield of the Revolutionary War in Yorktown and travel to Jamestown, the site of the first English settlement in the New World. In Annapolis, take a guided city tour and visit the homes of the Founding Fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence. Visit Mount Vernon, George Washington’s iconic 18th-century home, before exploring our nation’s capital, the Smithsonian exhibitions, and the area's many historic monuments. On board and on shore, Revolutionary War experts, authors, and re-enactors join us to bring our nation’s history to life.


Cruise Details

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Prices start at

$6160 USD

Free Airfare and Savings up to $1,500 on select cruise dates departing in March and April 2024, during peak Cherry Blossom Season


2024 - Multiple Dates

Washington DC, Annapolis, MD, St. Michaels, MD Cambridge, MD, Norfolk, VA, Williamsburg, VA, Yorktown, VA,

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