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Spend your downtime while at The Cottages in the Shenandoah learning more about the United States history and our Constitution. Your future depends on our past.  Our vacation rental is the perfect setting to relax and learn.


Who am I?

Cheryl Johnson is a Constitutional Coach and active Christian who believes that faith is the cornerstone of our Constitutional Republic.  She shares her journey and her love of our founding fathers, their courage and their commitment to freedom. 

Cheryl has spent her life dedicated to understanding what makes our country unique and special.

She wants to share that with you and your fellow travelers. 

She loves our country, the good, the bad and everything in between.  Let's take what is great and learn about the steps that helped us achieve that and apply those steps to improving areas where that need our attention.

Learn More

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Read Write & Learn Technology, Inc.

The Fifth Principle Learning Cooperatives

What Can I Do?

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